TIFFANY EDWARDS HUNT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: KKWA Meeting
Time: Nov 28, 2020 09:30 AM Hawaii

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 828 8030 7093, Passcode: Kapoho

Kapoho Kai Water Association (KKWA) served water users in the Vacationland Hawaii subdivision, which was overrun by lava in June 2018. The Vacationland Hawaii Community Association (VHCA) is the homeowner association for the subdivision and VHCA members are actively seeking to regain road access to the subdivision. Simultaneously, KKWA is seeking to arrange funding for water system restoration and letting the County Department of Water Supply (DWS) know that we seek restoration of the water line that served the area (consistent with DWS policy of covering repairs on water supply lines once a subscriber has met all requirements for their connection including payment of fees, as we did). Both KKWA and DWS have applied for FEMA funding for lost water lines. DWS recieved $41 million in funds from FEMA for reimbursement of lost water lines, but they are planning on spending it elsewhere on the island. KKWA is still applying for FEMA funds with no guarantee.

The KKWA annual meeting will be in January 2021 at a time, place, and circumstances to be determined. Anyone seeking to be nominated as a Director must get in touch with KKWA President, Alex Keeley (alex.keeley@gmail.com), and submit a letter as proscribed in the KKWA Bylaws at least 30 days in advance of the annual meeting.

If you are a VHCA member and not on the VHCA email list, we suggest that you click on the tab above for VHCA and follow the instructions to get updated information on our community progress.

Board members as of June 2020 are: Alex Keeley, President; Betty Oberman, Vice President; Tiffany Edward Hunt, Secretary; Jim Lehner, Treasurer and Jan Marshall, Director.

PO Box 7082
Hilo, HI 96720

Questions?  Please email the KKWA Treasurer at treasurer@kkwa.org or send a letter to the above address.